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Dear Readers,

I recently launched a sister website that centers on copyright grant terminations, as the title suggests. The gem of the site is a copyright termination calculator, the design of which took more than a little time and a large amount of programming help. (Thanks!) The calculator will run a user through the questions and permutations necessary to evaluate when and under what conditions and statutory provisions a copyright grant may be terminated.

The program does not cover all the steps necessary to evaluate a potential termination. I haven’t tried to address the technical issues involved with accessing whether a majority of the author or authors is present to serve a valid termination notice.

The calculator does what it does well, though, and should be substantially more useful than some of the other similar programs on the internet. It cross references statutes and covers remote permutations such as the Copyright Office’s recent comment request on how to handle grants that were made before January 1, 1978 on works that were completed after January 1, 1978.

If any of you have any requests, suggestions or corrections, please feel free to email me or leave them in the comments.

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    Ah, how jealous am I? I created an Access program to do this along with several “fuzzy math” variables that can be used to estimate where certain information is lacking. I’d been thinking about putting something online for several years and, bam!, here it is!

    Very cool, my friend. My only thought is to add in the specific dates for sending the termination notice – like the very first day a notice can be sent and the very last day, then perhaps a table to show that notices sent between A Date and B Date (from 10 years prior to 1st effective to 2 years prior) will be effective as of X Date, and between B Date and C Date (2 years prior to last effective date) will be effective 2 years after sent. Of course, this is presumes the user wants the first possible effective date in their notice.

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    Thanks for the kind words and the suggestions, T.D. I really like your idea of fuzzy variables, though I’m not sure how I would incorporate them. The table idea seems perfectly doable. I will try to implement it in a version 2.0 when I have some free time.

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